Skillfully Defending Against Fraud Accusations

In cases that involve accusations of fraud and other white collar crimes, it is important to retain a lawyer who is not only highly experienced, but who also understands how to minimize negative publicity.

Turn to the Gulfport law firm of Owen & Owen. We provide skilled and discreet criminal defense representation for clients across Mississippi. Our founding partner has more than 35 years of combined experience in a wide array of complex cases, including those that involve insurance fraud, stock fraud, securities fraud and other offenses.

Insurance Fraud

Sometimes insurance fraud is a result of complex tactics by extensive crime rings. At other times, however, it is simply the result of a typical citizen making a few false statements in order to gain some desperately needed cash. One example is when an automobile owner claims that his or her car was stolen in order to collect the insurance money.

Mortgage Fraud

It can be surprisingly easy to commit mortgage fraud. It’s not uncommon for a potential homeowner to inflate the numbers and make it seem like he or she earns more, simply to qualify for a certain mortgage. However, misrepresenting information on loan applications is illegal.

Medicare Or Medicaid Fraud

Some of the most common types of Medicare or Medicaid fraud are committed by physicians and other health care professionals who bill for nonexistent medical services, bill more than once for the same service, accept kickbacks, bill brand-name rates for generic medications, etc. In some cases, the doctor charged with fraud may have no idea that he or she made a mistake in the medical coding, for instance. In this way, even highly ethical doctors may find themselves under investigation.

Credit Card Fraud

With the prevalence of credit cards comes the possibility of many different kinds of fraud. People may be charged with anything from stealing someone else’s credit card information to making unauthorized purchases with a corporate credit card.

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