Aggressive Defense Against Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement is a crime that can run the spectrum from retail store employees stealing a few dollars from cash registers to high-level executives who siphon millions from their businesses.

At Owen & Owen in Gulfport, Mississippi, we represent clients from all economic levels. Whether you are a successful investment banker or a gas station employee, you can rely on our attorneys for keen legal counsel and aggressive advocacy. Our firm, founded in 1982, is highly respected for our service and results in complex and high-stakes cases.

What Does It Take To Prove Embezzlement?

Not everyone charged with embezzlement is guilty. Likewise, sometimes those who technically break the law do so as a result of an innocent misunderstanding about how to use corporate funds or how to reimburse themselves for employment expenses.

In order to actually prove the charge of embezzlement, prosecutors must typically show evidence of:

  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Intent to defraud
  • Use of theft, deception or misappropriation to gain assets

Beware Of Hiding Evidence

In most federal cases, investigators will demand the business’s financial records and other pertinent information. Beware of attempting destroy such records or hide them; if you do, you could be charged with obstruction of justice, which is another crime. Instead, contact our firm for help developing a strong defense strategy against the embezzlement charges you face.

Let Us Start Creating A Defense Strategy For You Today

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