Were You Harmed By A Defective Product?

The law firm of Owen & Owen has won landmark cases in product liability and developed a strong record of holding manufacturers and other entities in the distribution chain accountable for dangerous and defective products.

Serving Mississippi’s Gulf Coast region since 1982, our firm takes pride in a reputation for legal excellence and dedicated client service. Our founder, Joe Sam Owen, has practiced more than 40 years.

We Have Demonstrated Success In Products Liability Cases

Manufacturers owe a duty of safety to the end users of their products. Retailers, distributors, dealerships, suppliers and even designers can all potentially be held liable for the negligence that led to your accident. We have secured settlements and verdicts in a range of product liability lawsuits for defective design, manufacturing flaws or failure to warn of dangers:

We Are Committed To Legal Excellence On Your Behalf

Our Gulfport-based lawyers hold to a high standard of professionalism and legal quality that has been the source of our past successes in personal injury litigation. We can handle the most complex products liability cases, even those involving foreign manufacturers.

We take seriously our duty to serve our clients, and we have a reputation for replying to phone calls promptly and answering their questions and concerns. For more information, contact Owen & Owen today for an initial consultation. We welcome referrals and co-counsel inquiries from other attorneys.