Handling Insurance Disputes And Bad Faith Cases

Insurance companies are long on happy slogans but infamous for denying or short-changing claims when the people they insure actually invoke the policy. If the insurer is relying on technicalities or deceit to refuse coverage, you may have grounds to sue them for bad faith insurance denial.

The Gulfport, Mississippi, law firm of Owen & Owen has extensive experience in resolving coverage disputes or holding insurance companies accountable in bad faith lawsuits. We represent individuals and businesses across southern Mississippi and invite you to contact us today.

We Are Your Allies In Insurance Coverage Disputes

Our experienced attorneys represented more than 400 clients who had problems with their property damage claims after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast. We helped resolve virtually every one of those claims, including bad faith compensation in some, but it was a powerful reminder of the lengths that insurers will go to limit payouts.

Our lawyers have handled many types of insurance claim disputes:

  • Hurricane damage (wind damage)
  • Other property damage (homeowner or commercial policies)
  • Vehicle property damage
  • Auto accident insurance (uninsured/underinsured motorist)
  • Fire loss
  • Life insurance
  • Private disability insurance

Coverage Disputes Versus Bad Faith Denial

An insurance dispute is a legitimate difference in policy interpretation. If the insurer paid on your claim but you believe you did not get full value, we can step in to negotiate with the insurance adjuster for a fairer settlement.

A bad faith claim arises if you file a legitimate claim and the insurance endlessly delays your claim or denies it on a technicality, without justification, or has a pattern of rejecting similar valid claims. If you sue and win, the insurer is accountable for the value of the claim, attorney fees and triple damages.

Our Attorneys Are Here For You

Our founding attorney, Joe Sam Owen, has more than 35 years of experience in handling litigation.

Owen & Owen is widely respected for our legal excellence and devoted client service. We represent policy holders in large and small insurance disputes and have represented major corporations such as A.G. Edwards and Georgia-Pacific in insurance litigation.

Contact us at 228-265-5109 or toll-free at 866-677-3165 to arrange an initial consultation. We also welcome attorney referrals.