Help With Maritime Accidents And Jones Act Claims

Owen & Owen has represented seamen, offshore workers, harbor workers, commercial fishermen and others injured at sea, on the docks or on commercial vessels in navigable waters of Mississippi.

Serving the Gulf Coast and southern Mississippi since 1982, our attorneys are intimately familiar with the Jones Act and other specific legal remedies under maritime law. Contact us to set up an initial consultation at 228-265-5109 or toll-free at 866-677-3165.

Our Trial Lawyers Are Experienced In Maritime Law

Our founding attorney, Joe Sam Owen, is a Gulf Coast native with more than 35 years of combined experience in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. We have represented hundreds of people injured in maritime accidents in the Gulf of Mexico, the coastal waters of Mississippi, St. Louis Bay and at ports:

  • Injuries on offshore oil rigs and jack-up rigs
  • Injuries aboard cargo ships
  • Injuries on commercial fishing boats
  • Barge accidents
  • Dock and shipyard accidents
  • Crew injuries on charter fishing boats and tour boats

Victims of oil rig accidents and other offshore injury accidents may have negligence lawsuits against their employers under the federal Jones Act, in addition to free medical care and lost wages. Dock workers are entitled to specific benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act. We can detail your specific rights under these special laws.

We also represent “civilians” injured in fishing and boating accidents, as passengers on charter boats or cruise ships, at marinas or offshore casinos, or on the inland rivers and bayous of Mississippi.

We Are Here To Uphold Your Rights And Pursue Fair Compensation

Our firm is committed to protecting your rights under maritime law and pursuing all claims, including third party lawsuits for damages. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards of legal representation and service to clients.

Contact us today to explore your situation with veteran injury lawyers who have only your best interests at heart.