Real Help After Medical Malpractice In Mississippi

Unlike other personal injury claims, a significant percentage of medical malpractice lawsuits go all the way to trial. The law firm of Owen & Owen has a demonstrated record of both settlements and jury verdicts for our clients in medical negligence litigation.

We Have The Experience And Resources To Handle Your Case

Based in Gulfport, Owen & Owen has represented clients across southern Mississippi and statewide in lawsuits for doctor negligence or hospital negligence resulting in lasting injury or fatalities.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are vigorously challenged, because of the potential payout and because professional licenses and careers are on the line.

A malpractice lawsuit hinges on the testimony of many experts, and we invest in top specialists nationwide to help our clients prevail. We devote the full resources of our firm to holding physicians and medical institutions accountable for the devastation to the victim and family.

Medical malpractice defense: Over the years, our firm has represented a number of doctors who were unjustly sued for malpractice, and we welcome those inquiries.

Do You Suspect Medical Malpractice?

If your loved one suffered serious injury, illness or death at the hands of medical professionals, call 228-265-5109 or toll-free at 866-677-3165 or contact us online. We will evaluate the facts of your case and determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit. Owen & Owen, can serve as local counsel or co-counsel to other firms.