Were You Hurt In A Farming Accident In Mississippi?

Farming has always been dangerous work – physical labor, often in poor light or inclement weather, and working around big, bulky machinery. When life-threatening injuries occur, medical help may be far away.

The Gulfport personal injury lawyers of Owen & Owen have long experience in farm accident litigation. We have recovered compensation for farmers and farm workers across southern Mississippi. If a loved one was seriously injured or killed due to negligence or defective equipment, contact us to explore your possible claims.

You Can Trust Our Experienced Attorneys After Your Farm Accident

Founding partner Joe Sam Owen is a Gulf Coast native who has practiced law for more than 35 years. His familiarity with the farming industry, the local courts and the legal issues involved enables him to handle any farm accident case:

  • Tractor rollover or other tractor injury
  • Farm implement injuries – balers, augers, power takeoff (PTO)
  • Front end loader, skid steer and backhoe accidents
  • Pickup, farm truck and ATV accidents
  • Falls from heights or slip-and-fall injuries
  • Livestock injuries

Owen & Owen has an established reputation in product liability litigation, including lawsuits against farm equipment manufacturers. We have the resources to invest in experts who can reconstruct the accident and examine the tractor or machinery to identify a design defect, a disabled safety feature, or a glaring failure to warn of likely dangers.

Farmhands and agricultural workers: If you were injured on the job, you have certain rights under Mississippi workers’ compensation. We handle your employer-paid claim and explore potential lawsuits against third parties for additional compensation.

We extend an initial consultation to victims or family members, and we welcome case referrals or co-counsel inquiries from other law firms whose client has suffered a farm injury. Contact our Gulfport office at 228-265-5109 or toll-free at 866-677-3165.