Pursuing Maximum Money After Motorcycle Crashes

A person badly injured in a motorcycle accident can be victimized again when the negligent driver, the insurance company, and even witness and police reports incorrectly point the finger of blame at the motorcycle.

The law firm of Owen & Owen, has the experience to dig deeper and the resources to finance a professional investigation that will reveal the truth. Serving Gulfport and Southern Mississippi since 1981, we have won compensation for numerous motorcycle injuries and fatalities.

Proving Fault And Calculating Damages

Motorcyclists and their passengers pay an awful price in a collision, yet the biker often gets blamed for causing the accident. We are prepared to invest in experts who can prove the other party’s negligence — distracted driving, failure to yield, pulling out without looking, illegal turns. We will reconstruct the accident, track down witnesses and reveal the holes in the driver’s version of events in pursuit of justice.

We work hard to ensure that compensation covers the massive medical bills, future care needs, lost income and pain and suffering, and spare no expense in calling in specialists who can detail these needs. Our meticulously documented claims enable us to settle most motorcycle accident cases, but veteran trial lawyer Joe Sam Owen is prepared to go to a jury to argue liability or damages.

We Take Our Duty Seriously

Our firm is highly regarded by attorneys and judges for our commitment to quality legal representation and professional integrity, and the insurance companies have a healthy respect for our demonstrated abilities.

We know the devastation a motorcycle accident causes to the victim and family, especially when it results in traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, loss of limb, shattered bones, other serious harm, or a wrongful death. We are fully committed to securing rightful compensation for you and your family.

Call our Gulfport office at 228-265-5109 or toll-free at 866-677-3165 or contact us online if someone you love was hurt in a motorcycle accident. We also welcome attorney referrals or requests for local counsel or co-counsel.