Ovarian Cancer From Talcum Powder Use?

Years ago, it was common practice to use talc-based baby powder as a feminine hygiene product. Today, many women still use it as part of their daily personal care routines. Unfortunately, a product that was once believed to be perfectly safe is now prompting thousands of lawsuits from women who have developed ovarian cancer.

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One Ovarian Cancer Patient Was Awarded $417 Million

Recently, a jury awarded $417 million to a woman whose ovarian cancer was allegedly caused by using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder every day for more than 40 years. This is just one of thousands of other lawsuits across the country based on talc-based baby powders and body powders.

What Is Talcum Powder?

Talc is a naturally occurring mineral that is made up of oxygen, silicon and magnesium. It can be ground into a fine white powder that is particularly good at absorbing liquids such as sweat. Because of this property, it is commonly used in cosmetics and hygiene products. However, products containing loose powder are the most likely to lead to ovarian cancer or other health problems.

Specific products containing talc include:

  • Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder
  • CVS Brand Baby Powder
  • Shower to Shower Body Powder
  • Assured Shower & Bath Absorbent Body Powder
  • Angel of Mine Baby Powder

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