4 truck driver mistakes that can cause an accident

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Sharing the road with trucks can sometimes be risky, especially when drivers fail to follow safety regulations.

While the majority of truck drivers are diligent, hard-working people who take safety seriously, negligence sometimes occurs, and it can have serious or even fatal consequences.

1. Drowsy driving

Truck drivers must often meet strict deadlines. Although there are requirements for how long a driver can be on the road before resting, not all drivers follow these guidelines. Studies have shown that drowsy driving is no less dangerous than driving while intoxicated.

2. Misjudging clearance

Trucks require a lot of space to turn and maneuver. Truck drivers often have a knack for getting these large vehicles in and out of tight spaces, but sometimes a driver overestimates the available space. This can lead to a collision or cause the truck to become stuck, creating an obstacle in the roadway.

3. Insecure cargo

Not all deadly mistakes occur while driving. Properly securing cargo is an important step. If the driver fails to strap down cargo correctly, it can shift while the truck is in motion, causing the driver to lose control and leading to a deadly crash.

4. Complacency

An experienced driver is not always a safer driver. Drivers who have been in the industry for a long time can sometimes become overconfident and complacent. This can increase the risk of negligence that can cause an accident.

With proper training and oversight, trucking companies can reduce incidents of negligence and the risk of a crash.